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Fire Protection

The primary objective of fire protection is to safeguard human life, valued assets and the environment from the catastrophic effects of fire. Quickin systems are ideal for both classic and irregular fire protection applications that were once considered, by other technologies, to be technically or financially challenging.

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Energy Saving

This can be achieved either by using energy more efficiently, or by reducing the amount of energy used. Energy conservation can result in increased environmental quality, personal comfort, financial security and higher savings. It also lowers energy costs by preventing future resource depletion.

Quickin uses modern materials, combined in proven systems, to reduce wastage and losses whilst improving efficiency through innovation.

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Solar & Renewable Energy

Collected from renewable resources, naturally replenished on a human timescale; sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, & geothermal heat. Renewable energy often provides energy in 4 areas: electricity generation, air & water heating/cooling, transportation and rural (off-grid) energy services.

Quickin uses modern materials, combined in both existing and new technologies to enhance those systems, reduce setup costs and increase payback through innovation.

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Reducing Plastic Based Construction Materials

Plastics are inexpensive, durable, provide good thermal insulation in construction, are combustible and give off toxic fumes when exposed to fire.

Plastic pollution can afflict land, waterways and oceans. As of 2018, ~ 380 million tonnes of plastic is produced worldwide each year. Estimated 9% recycled, 12% incinerated. The UK alone, more than 5 million tonnes of plastic is consumed annually; estimated 25% is recycled, the remainder going to landfills.

This large amount of plastic waste inevitably enters the environment. Studies suggest the bodies of 90% of all seabirds contain plastic waste. Some researchers suggest that by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the oceans by weight.

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Due to Quickin’s diverse experience, product knowledge and supply chain reach, the team can access the most appropriate material combinations to deliver systems which are fit for purpose. Not only for new developments but to compliment customers current product offer;

You will sell more of your core products by partnering with Quickin.

Independent system tests, Independent Factory Production Controls (FPC) with technical data to support the installation and maintenance of the products. The Quickin team have successful registered 10 different products & systems to achieve "Approved for Use" with London Underground; Having successfully tested in laboratory's in UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Middle East & Asia; our team are experienced to ensure products are suitable for the most rigorous and independent guidelines; Fire, Durability, Corrosion, Moisture, Frost and much more.

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